Explore Michigan with an exciting tour! Tuesday, June 23rd

All tours depart from the JW Marriott Hotel and boxed lunch will be provided.

An engineering marvel, the LPSF has a capacity of 1,875 megawatts and is located along Lake Michigan, four miles south of Ludington.  The generation cycle pumps water from Lake Michigan to an upper reservoir through six pump-turbines, strategically pumping during times of low electric demand. When demand is high, water is released from the upper reservoir through the turbines for power generation. The energy storage is used when intermittent resources are low, improving reliability and supporting the grid. Get pumped to see one of the world’s biggest electric batteries in action!
Estimated distance from Marriott: 1.5 hr; total trip approx. 1PM-5PM

Pictured: Ludington Pumped Storage Facility, Ludington

Intelligently designed, strategically located, and sustainable by design, the Switch data center is the largest data center campus in the eastern United States. Boasting an impressive 1.8 million square feet that is 100% powered by renewable energy and serving a market cap of $6.7 trillion, Switch provides efficient, cost-effective, and ecologically sound data storage services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You won’t want to miss this visit to the iconic pyramid campus in Grand Rapids.
Estimated distance from Marriott .5 hr,  total trip approx. 1PM-4PM

Pictured: Switch Data Center, Grand Rapids

With more LEED-certified buildings per capita than any other city in the US and recognition by the US Chamber of Commerce as the “Nation’s Most Sustainable City,” Grand Rapids builds energy and water sustainability into the fabric of the city. Ambitious community energy goals combined with local initiatives that include green infrastructure planning, the Circuit West energy district, and the 10 million square feet enrolled in the Grand Rapids 2030 District, is why Grand Rapids has received worldwide recognition for its sustainable efforts. Join city leaders on an educational walk to learn about the city’s integrated sustainability accomplishments while enjoying the unique architecture, natural spaces, and public art.
Estimated distance from Marriott: approximately 1-mile walking, round trip approx. 1:00-3:30.

Pictured: ExperienceGR.com, Grand Rapids Walkability

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